Through our partnership with REDWOLF Airsoft we are now able to put together collective purchases on more specialised and hard-to-come-by Airsoft parts!

*terms and conditions apply

RedWolf are the first and largest international retailer who specializes in Airsoft parts and wargaming equipment. They have over 15,000 products in their store and focus more on quality and high end equipment. They are even able to create the most amazing customised guns because they have resident gunsmiths and airsoft technicians on hand.

Airsoft HQ is certain that you will not have an airsoft need that we now cannot satisfy.

Sourcing through our relationship with RedWolf is easy, relatively quick and inexpensive, not to mention hassle free. We take care of all the shipping, customs and S.A. Police hassles that you may encounter through our experienced imports team.

Both RedWolf and Airsoft HQ are committed to customer satisfaction. We both only focus on selling high-quality products that are fun to shoot as well as reliable. Many useless and inferior quality products have been purposely omitted from the RedWolf product range. Each product is tested for quality and workmanship before it ships.

Because RedWolf are based in Hong Kong very close to most quality Airsoft manufacturers and Airsoft HQ ships directly from there, it means that costs are kept low by not having goods first shipped elsewhere in the world to a wholesaler. Their geographic proximity to Japan and their relationship with direct distributors and manufacturers in the ASEAN region alike allow us to keep costs low - and hence translate into savings for you. We will offer a money-back guarantee that your order reaches you safely.

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1. Fill in your details in the form below.

2. Place your order in the table with as many products as you like.  the form to prevent any mistakes or misunderstanding. Be careful that the correct colours or sizes are selected and added any options in the "more options" box.
Note: Don’t worry if your selected item says “Out of Stock” as the chances are we can still source it quickly for you.

3. Click “send” to submit your order to our ordering department.

4. Airsoft HQ will revert to you with a quote including any shipping or duties expected on the item.

5. Make 75% deposit for the quoted goods and your order will be shipped in on the next available order. Date of next order being placed on RedWolf is indicated above but could be sooner if orders build up, so don’t delay your order.

6. Once goods have arrived and all shipping, customs and stoppage costs have been calculated your final invoice will be sent.  Please Note: Landed prices can vary from quoted prices for various reasons including volatility of the rand, however we commit that if any saving can be achieved it will be passed on to you and we will restrict any price variance to not more than 20% of the quoted price even if the cost increase should be more than that. 

7. Make final payment and as soon as it is reflecting in our account your goods will be shipped to you with all haste.

8. Enjoy your new products safely out on the field.

Important -  Even though order/shipping date is some time away, your order items will be reserved from the time your deposit payment is made. So no need to stress about missing out on any clearance sale items or special prices.

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Terms and Conditions:
  • • We will not order batteries, gas, aerosols or other hazardous material items.
  • • We will not order items that we already have in stock.
  • All of Airsoft HQ standard terms and conditions apply.
  • • You are purchasing from RedWolf Airsoft and not from Airsoft HQ. Airsoft HQ are merely agents operating on your behalf.
  • • Estimated delivery times are only estimates and these are subject to change as are all things in life. Any indication of delivery date given in any way by Airsoft HQ or its employees are to be considered ONLY estimates.
  • • Dollar price is calculated just before shipping.

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