The Killhouse

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You never know what will be around the next corner.

It is equally suited to fast-paced breaching-type team play or ultra-conservative, careful action.

Designed for high impact intense Close Quarter Battle (CQB), this indoor field makes for exciting airsoft shooting action.

Games can be extremely intense with slow movement as you don’t know which corner your opponent may be hiding in.

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Over 1000m2 of airsoft game area, the Killhouse is perfect for intimate team games, Team training, Bachelor parties, Birthday parties, Security firearm tactical training and casual game play as well. Centrally situated in Strydom Park makes for easy access and is conveniently situated right next door to the new, larger Airsoft HQ offices. 
Plenty of safe parking is available. 
Due to the close proximity of most shooting action, many players opt for pistol load out or Personal Defence weapon rifles like MP5’s, P90’s or the like.

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This is definitely not a sniper field! Face protection is compulsory and FPS limits have been lowered to limit the pain threshold. Nevertheless the action is still exciting and realistic. 

Only a limited number of players are allowed on the field at any one time and almost the whole field can be marshaled from above. This also makes it very effective for security companies who want to train tactical staff with proper gun handling and house breaching before putting a real firearm into inexperienced hands.

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Hostage situations or home break-ins can be simulated for training purposes, putting you up against real people.
For airsoft game play, games are obviously shorter which allows for more variety and flexibility. Rough terrain and poor footing is not an issue on this field. Another nice feature of this field is the ability for us to go to darkened mode. With the lights off during the day it is not completely blacked out, but allows players to experience the difference of low-light conditions. At night, it is another story and torches would definitely be necessary. Due to the fact that the field is not affected by weather or other security issues it is possible that mid-week evening games can be arranged.



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