AI Tornado Timer Black - AI-002K

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AI Tornado Timer Black  - AI-002K

Assault Rifle

Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade Black

3 - 2 - 1 - Big Badda Boom


 The Tornado Timer Grenade, has a 1.5 second or 3 second length timed fuse. You can add another element of tactics to your airsoft. Use the short fuse in long grass which would otherwise eat pellets shot from a ground burst. The longer-length timer can be used to produce an airburst that can blast opposition behind partial cover. Whatever your strategy, the Tornado Timer Grenade has you covered. Plus, to ensure your grenade continues to function perfectly game after game, we include our premium silicone oil right in the package.





- Airsoft grenade timer can be set at 1.5 and 3 seconds interval

- Explodes after pin is pulled just like the real grenades.

- Green gas  or HFC134A powered.

- Reusable replacing BB's and gas

- 200 6mm BB's in a full 360 degree 3D blast

- Rugged construction to survive most abuse

- After pulling the pin - no loose parts to find.

- Available in 5 Colours: Tac Black; HiVis Yellow; UN Blue; FDE; Blaze Orange

- Easily made safe for safe zone

- Premium Silicon Grenade oil included





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