Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Tan Gas Blow Back Sub-Machine Gun - TM142665

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Brand: Tokyo MaruiTokyo Marui


Tokyo Marui MP7A1

Gas Blow Back Machine Gun Series

H&K Sub-machine gun for special forces

Heckler & Koch inc., the developers of the best selling MP5 and G3 series of rifles which were formally adopted by the German Federal Amy, have created another extremely popular rifle in the MP7A1 sub machine gun. Categorized as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) the rifle is built compact and light enough that it can be operated one handed ambidextrously should the need arise. This is extremely important in situations where the other hand may be busy due to an injury or the transportation of equipment.It was developed that it could be fired one handed in either semi auto or full automatic mode.

The original MP7 was a direct rival to the FN P90 and with its derivative of the MP7A1 it was developed with an increased ability to defeat body armour. The MP7A1 was intended to remedy the ineffectual stopping power of the earlier MP5 and USP pistol especially against enemies equipped with body armour. These earlier models essentially fired pistol ammunition and they had too little effect on the modern soldiers body armour. Heckler & Koch were in search of a gun that had the stopping power required yet was small and light enough to be used instead of a pistol or a sub-machine gun.


The MP7A1 has been commissioned by many special forces battalions including the French Special Forces, The German Army, German Federal Police counter terrorism group, German SWAT police units, Italian 9th parachute Assault regiment, Japanese Special Forces Group,  British Ministry of Defense Police, and the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group.


Tokyo Marui have yet again created an extremely realistic airsoft gas blow back replica rifle in the H&K MP7A1. This Airsoft Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is extremely versatile, light and easy to use by every kind of player. This rifle is well suited to younger and female airsoft players who are looking to upgrade to a Gas Blow Back fighting experience.


--Tokyo Marui premium quality, ease of use and attention to detail give high realism value.
--Intense Blow Back Experience: New blow back engine with large 16mm piston. Although gas consumption is comparable to handguns, this rifle offers a more intense recoil feeling.

-- Realistic bolt action when firing with a short-stroke gas piston movement.

--Lightweight with high rigidity
--Ambidextrous fire selector and magazine release.
--Retractable A1 style stock with 4 settings and foldable foregrip are faithfully produced as on the original.
-- Rifle can be field stripped similar to the original real steel version.

--Equipped with a three mount rail on the receiver top and sides with a metal mount picatinny standard (20mm). optional flash lights or sights can be easily mounted.

--Removable front and rear sights with ability to adjust both vertically and the rear horizontally.

--Easy hop up adjustment: Originally designed by Tokyo Marui hop up can be accurately adjusted from the ejection chamber.

--Realistic long 40 round die cast magazine.

--Large gas volume chamber so that stable operation can be enjoyed even in low temperatures.



Please Note:

This is a gas blow back (GBB) rifle and does not use batteries.



Item code
Weight (gram)  2200g with empty magazine
Colour  Black

 381mm / 586mm extended

Barrel Length  
Main Material  
 Shooting Mode  Semi / Fully Automatic / Safe
 Gearbox Type  Gas blow back
 Power Source  Gas Power
 Gas type
HFC134a gas - use "gun power" gas
 Barrel Thread type  counterclockwise
 Barrel Thread Diameter  14mm
 Magazine Capacity  40+1 rounds
 Bullet type  6mm BB (0.20~0.25)
 Power (Muzzle Velocity)  310 - 340 FPS
 Package Includes
  • MP7A1 body
  • 40 rounds magazine
  • Protective barrel cap
  • Full auto tracer silencer adapter
  • Cleaning Rod
 Manufacturer  Tokyo Marui


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