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We have a number of excellent venues which we can use for staging epic airsoft battles. The variety of these fields allow us to design a dynamic diversity of operations to keep everyone entertained and test soldiers to the max.

These Theatres of War range from woodlands to urban and even arid conditions in certain places. Battlefields which incorporate a variety of bush warfare theatres and numerous ruins including large empty pools, pillars, warehouses, cabins and cottages. Terrain from buildings with sections of treed low grass meadow to flat open areas between buildings.

These battlefields will allow for different kit-outs, soldier classes and specialisations. The variety of bush warfare theaters include large empty tanks, underground catacombs, pillars, shafts, bunkers, moonscapes and even village CQB sections. Some of these Theatres of War afford excellent cover for stealth operations and others have some strategic sniper hideouts for the creative thinker.

We have an entire ruined town at our disposal complete with roads, walkways, town square, mortuary and numerous entrance areas.

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Lots of buildings but with plenty of space in between will keep you on your toes to find the right balance between stealth, concealment and team drills to clear the structures.

Some popular venues used for staging airsoft battles:

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Terrain varies greatly from bush scattered plains to dense jungle, streams, swamps and everything in between.

A large field with the various areas informally being dubbed “Vietnam”, “Siberia”, and “Congo” due to the types of terrain in each section. BattleAxe Frontier has some scattered buildings and structures and new features are being discovered all the time as we explore the field...

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Combat war games


Designed for high impact intense Close Quarter Battle (CQB), this indoor field makes for exciting airsoft shooting action.

Over 1000m2 of airsoft game area, the Killhouse is perfect for intimate team games, Team training, Bachelor parties, Birthday parties, Security firearm tactical training and casual game play as well. ...

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Combat war games


Almost 2 hectares of superb Airsoft playing field. This field is mainly bush with some CQB features and plenty of non-bush cover. There are some opportunities for setting up base camps and the features for scenarios are unlimited.

There is a variety of bush warfare theaters with tyre semi-constructed walls and enclosures. The field is nice and square with little chance of battle bottle-necks. There is always a flanking opportunity. The Hakuna Crossing field is on private secure property with a safe area and parking that is used for players to congregate in between games...

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