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Tactical Strategy Combat | War Games

Military Simulations & War Games that are identical to the real thing!

These are realistic military situations which at times involve stealth rather than confrontation of enemy forces. Among the tasks and duties that have to be allocated are scouting, sniper objectives, defending position, milieu attacking & bomb disposal.

There are unlimited scenarios based on your imagination including:

  • • Use stealth tactics to avoid contact with other hostile units in order to reach more important objectives.
  • • Rescue hostages in such a way as to eliminate enemies but not harm the targets.
  • • Camping down in a sniper position to pick off potential targets from a high point.
  • • Taking up strategic positions to defend a facility or position against potential attackers.
  • • Clear buildings with enemy forces in a tactical and organised fashion.
  • • Hold the higher ground against hostiles with a mounted machine gun.
  • • Infiltrate and attack a facility or position as an assault unit.
  • • Flanking strategies for assisting other assault units.

Movers and Shakers create missions with a large diversity of functions, mission and operations briefs...

Movers & Shakers Combat simulations

All Combat events are done in conjunction with our partners Movers and Shakers who have had more than 20 years experience co-ordinating corporate team building activities and exciting team building adventures.

The large variety of Airsoft weapons and functions within a military unit enable Movers and Shakers to create missions with a large diversity of functions and mission and operations briefs...

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